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Think Good Do Good

International Day Against Racism

It is in your hands!

Fight back against racism. Have you done something good today?TGDG2


Children Can Make a Difference

Two classrooms that I work in, decided to do a service project before Christmas. Keeping the goals of  Think Good Do Good in mind, the teachers had students design place mats to give to seniors to use over the Christmas holidays. The place mats were made by the kids and were bright and colourful. The place mats were laminated so as to last more than one meal. The teachers delivered them to two different seniors facilities in time for the holidays.

Kids doing good deeds just to cheer someone up. They also had fun doing it!

Grade 1/2 photos

IMG_6704 IMG_6703IMG_6702IMG_6705

Grade 3/4 photos.

IMG_6767 IMG_6768

That was a great way for those children to end 2014-making someone else’s life happier.

What can you do to make the works a better place? How will you teach your students that service to others matters?




Random Acts of Kindness With Think Good DO Good

Grade one/two  are participating in Think Good Do Good . Students are getting ready for Friday Random acts of Kindness Day. They are making “I like you” cards to deliver randomly to people on Friday! Together we brainstormed a list of nice things to write to say to anyone they care about.Random ideas Then they decided for whom they would make a card. Children wrote and decorated their cards for their chosen people. Random startRandom HeartRandom 4Random 3 Here are some of their cards.

Random 2

On Friday, the cards will randomly be delivered- random because they will be unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Teaching kindness and generosity can be something you do everyday. What are you doing on Friday? What will you do next?

Think Good Do Good

Think Good Do Good Random Acts of Kindness Day November 7th

Grade 2 students in Mrs.O’s class were excited to do some Random Acts of Kindness this week through Think Good Do Good.

First their teacher read them a book Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch

cover art, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch - Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Go here for other service  books for young children.

Then they watched a video about Random Acts of Kindness. watch it here

Then students decorated colourful bags which they filled with tea, an orange and chocolate kisses. The students then chose someone to deliver the bag to anonymously. They were so excited to tell me about their good deed and how happy they are making people for no reason.

photo 3photo 2photo 1

Let’s keep growing Think Good Do Good!!think

Think Good Do Good Random Acts of Kindness


November 7th is Random Acts of Kindness Day-What are you going to do? How can you prepare to be Random ?? How can it become a daily event , not yearly?

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission promotes Think Good Do Good. One of the events being promoted is Random Acts of Kindness.

I have visited some classrooms where teachers are teaching their students to Think Good Do Good all year long. What a great way to end each school day-by having students leave saying :”tonight I will Think Good Do Good”

Please share any activities you do, using the Think Good Do Good tag.

Some classrooms are brainstorming ideas they can do to be kind, on an anchor chart, some classes are writing letters to cheer people up and delivering them Nov. 7. Some classrooms are cleaning the playground. Some classes are working at being “bucket fillers”

It will be random because nobody will be expecting it!

Please share your ideas with me, or Post them on Twitter at @ThinkGoodDoGood.

We can make the world a better place one child at a time! I will be posting other events here.

Remember to Think Good Do Good

I can’t wait to hear from you no matter where you live in the world!!

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