I had the opportunity to visit a grade 1 / 2 French Immersion classroom. I was really impressed by the way the teacher encouraged her students to speak in French as frequently as possible. She clearly laid out her expectations and taught the students what was expected. Students self assessed and decided when they were doing well and when to improve. There was no question of what should be happening. These are the anchor charts she constructed with her students to help them remember the expectations. (I have added the translation below) Thank you NS for letting me take photographs of your work!!


I speak French all the time to my teachers, French Immersion Friends and in the classroom.


I speak a lot of French with my teachers and in the classroom.


I use some French words in sentences or when Mme asks me to speak French.


I speak English a lot. I say simple words in French like “hello” and “goodbye”


The posters are up in the classroom and also a smaller version on the white board at the front. Students could self-regulate by moving their names on magnets to where they want to be.