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April 2016

Word Work and PWIM


One of the things I really love about PWIM is how the basic phonics needs are met in context. It drives me crazy when students have no visual connections to words and are just memorizing lists. I was working in a classroom last week, and this was the teacher’s latest photo study. It is so obvious to me that she uses PWIM for far more than the word recognition on the photo. She underlines, adds sticky notes, bolds words as well as adding descriptors of other word properties above the photos.

Thank you MJ for sharing your work and letting me take photos in your beautiful grade one  classroom.


Culturally Responsive Classroom Libraries

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of quality classroom libraries . One area that is often in need of growth is the culturally responsive section of our libraries. I am very lucky to work with our First Nation Inuit and Métis Consultant on a regular basis. She  put together this document that she has allowed me to share.

  • What should be consistent in Culturally Responsive Classroom libraries?
  • How will teachers know when they are effectively and deeply implementing Culturally Responsive Classroom Libraries?

Please click on the link below and read her suggestions. Thank you Amy!

Culturally Responsive Classroom Libraries Look Fors:


Shi shi etko Jingle Dancer Book images


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