I love this new kit that our Curriculum Materials center put together for the Bison. There is such a great variety of literature (both fiction  and non-fiction for teacher read-alouds and student reading) ,as well as a DVD and toy bison in the kit.The Bison kit accompanies our bison photographs in the Picture Word Inductive model and helps to integrate a variety of grade one out comes in social studies, science and health while integrating them through language arts.

Bison Kit

A teacher I have been working with has started a “Bison Notebook” Everyday she takes a photo of a child with the bison. They glue their photo in the notebook and write about the bison. Sometimes it is bison facts, or a made up bison adventure or just a drawing of them with the bison. Each day, the child gets to share their entry with the class. This is a great way to encourage children to present to the rest of the class. Do you know of any materials we could add?


For more ideas, try the Office of the Treaty Commisioner website

Historical Context  Grade 1 Treaty 6 Education

HC13: Explore the many ways people meet their needs from nature and the land on which they live.


Ø  Describe various uses (e.g., food, clothing, shelter) of buffalo, elk, moose, and caribou, now and in the past.

Ø  Compare how people, past and present, live on the land (e.g., agriculture, ranching, trapping, fishing, dwellings, and modes of transportation).

Ø  Explain how people helped and continue to help each other live on this land.