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December 2015

Talk Aloud for Writing

A talk aloud for writing is when a teacher explicitly uses mentor text and the gradual release of responsibility, to help students understand how to improve their own writing.

taljk aloud for writing


Talk Aloud (for Comprehension)

A Talk aloud (for comprehension) is using mentor text to help you explain what published authors do and how text features or structures help you to better understand what you are reading. It is not as important to be able to name them, but being able to recognize the features and how they help the reader is crucial.Talk aloud

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Les 7 enseignements sacres

This is a lesson I created a few years ago to help primary teachers incorporate more First Nation content into their classrooms. I also have an English version of this lesson. The goal was to study one of the teachings each  week, by reading as much as possible about each teaching, by learning a bit about each animal and relating the teachings to students lives. Some people prefer to have the students paint or draw each animal rather than using the photograph. Ideally inviting an Elder into the classroom to help with the process would be the best way to go.Les sept enseignments sacrees

le bison



le castor

la tortue

le loup

Kitsch Sabe

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Les Sept enseignements sacrés | Les Éditions des Plaines




Read alouds

A read aloud or modeled reading, is more than picking up a book and reading it to your students. A read aloud is a strategically planned lesson where the teacher chooses a text to help students with any of the ideas below.Read aloud

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