I’ve started trying to organize my work in a way that is a little faster for me to grab when I run out to schools.

For my work with comprehension text structures, I purchased some clear thick plastic envelopes. I labeled the envelopes according to the text structure materials I want to use.

In each folder,I have the requirements for text structures per grade as outlined by my province. I have a copy of the text structure anchor chart that I plan to create with the students , and I have a variety of books that are good mentor text for teaching the author’s craft.

These are some of my favourite texts that I use to teach Compare Contrast Writing:

poles apartall about frogs  Big cats  
cats vs dogs


After reading parts of the book to the students, it is always useful to co construct  a Venn Diagram for Compare Contrast Writing.elephants vs rhinosIt is also important to create an anchor chart with the necessary signal words for the text structure.

Compare and Contrast Signal Words

alike           also         as well as            both           but       different

in the same way        like         similar          still      too      unlike       while

Lesson plan using Gradual Release of Responsibility

Compare Contrast Writing

 Explain what structures are and why authors use them (reading/writing


 Talk about signal words-look for them in your reading and use them in your


 Mentor text :Share Jim Arnosky’s writing and what you like about it including

last sentence

 I use  Rhinos and elephants  for my model

We do: Ideas skating to hockey-cats to dogs-before treaty after treaty

 Do we do again

 You try!!

 Head into writing alone

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