This is an engaging book with beautiful,entertaining artwork. If you haven’t already read it I encourage you to do so.

 We read the story and studied the pictures. Then we read it again and sang along with the cd that came with it. We then added the lyrics to the student’s songbooks for future reference and fluency practice.

After we had read it a few times, we brainstormed with the children-who would you like to be under the sea with? Students wrote their paragraphs and illustrated them with chalk pastels. We created a bulletin board to share the variety of thinking.

IMG_6601 (2)

IMG_6605 (2) IMG_6604 (2) IMG_6603 (2) IMG_6602 (2)

By composing a short creative descriptive paragraph about a fictitious  undersea community, we were meeting the grade 1 Saskatchewan Curriculum outcomes for  ELA CC1.1as well as deepening an understanding of the writing process as laid out in  ELA CC1.4. In grade 2 we met CC2.1, CC2.2