Two classrooms that I work in, decided to do a service project before Christmas. Keeping the goals of  Think Good Do Good in mind, the teachers had students design place mats to give to seniors to use over the Christmas holidays. The place mats were made by the kids and were bright and colourful. The place mats were laminated so as to last more than one meal. The teachers delivered them to two different seniors facilities in time for the holidays.

Kids doing good deeds just to cheer someone up. They also had fun doing it!

Grade 1/2 photos

IMG_6704 IMG_6703IMG_6702IMG_6705

Grade 3/4 photos.

IMG_6767 IMG_6768

That was a great way for those children to end 2014-making someone else’s life happier.

What can you do to make the works a better place? How will you teach your students that service to others matters?