Declaration of the Rights of the Child

The class spent a lot of time reading about children in other lands as well as studying the United Nations Rights of the Child. We talked about wants and needs and how needs can impact your life if taken away.

We then studied the work of Dustin Milligan. We read his books, on The Charter for Children which introduces children to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. imagesSDUB2O6I

As a culminating activity, children were divided into small groups. They were given a sentence to describe one of the rights and freedoms in the Charter. Each group had to illustrate the area they were assigned to. This was made into a big book and also shared with other classrooms.

Please click on the link below to look at the book the children created.

Saskatchewan Curriculum    Outcome: PA3.3

Make generalizations about the purpose and intent of documents that define the rights of children.