What do good pictures have in common?

  • is the picture a real life photo with tangible objects?
  • curricular connections (weaving science, social studies, health, ELA…)
  • provide information that is linked to naturally developed language (words and phrases)
  • provide a common language experience from which to support meaningful growth in vocabulary, knowledge and content
  • provide a common focus from which to develop inquiry, critical thinking and research
  • move students to new experiences or more complex vocabulary (leads to wonder – further discussion and research)
  • lead to developing Global Citizens
  • content can be articulated by students (describable)
  • have at least 30 nouns (sufficient detail)
  • lead to further discussion, exploration and wonder
  • show relationships
  • cultural commonalities
  • action
  • people and/or animals
  • offer both familiar and non-familiar habitat and environment
  • does the picture in any way limit participation of a student through religion or culture?“A picture is worth a thousand words”Size and Quality*not photo shopped, not a collage or cartoon.Searching for Images on the web
  • To ensure pictures enlarge clearly they need to have dimensions that are close to 2000×2000 or close to 6MB.
  • input your topic
  • in the size box choose larger than 6MP. This will give you a photo with enough resolution to enlarge clearly
  • when you find the picture you like, open it and save it as a jpg (to a USB device or a CD)
  • check for copy right permission

Developing Photos

  • At Office, our graphics artist will print photos for $15. (including laminating) Erin is aware of the criteria for powerful, effective PWIM photographs. She will need your school budget number or you can pay for your own.
  • If you choose to go elsewhere:

Ask the salesperson to double check the picture quality before you have it printed.

Request a laminate finish on the picture (matte finish is less shiny)

French Immersion

  • Picture targets high-frequency, functional vocabulary for students
  • Emphasis on development of functional oral French language skills