Talk aloud for Writing

Grade One (French Immersion)

When we model the use of Mentor Text for writing, we want students to be able to use what real authors do, to understand what to do in their own writing.

Using The Gradual Release of Responsibility is the easiest way to do this.

  1. Look what this author wrote…read a published text
  2. I like what they did: (list some points you think your students need to learn from the published piece.)
  3. I tried to write like they did: show your model
  4. Let’s try together: Do a group model
  5. Your turn: Students try

1.In our work with the French Immersion grade ones, we chose the following mentor text to read to the children: IMG_0346 (2)

2. After reading the text, we went over it again, listing the attributes of the writing that we liked.

IMG_0347 (2)


3. I shared the piece of writing I created based on the attributes. The students checked my work to see if I had met the criteria.

IMG_0348 (2)


4. As a group we brainstormed possibilities:

PDF name blocked


5. Finally, the students wrote their own pieces: Flipsnack