making inferenceOn the fourth day we looked carefully at the art in No, David and discussed what we thought might happen next. ( No, David ! has very few words, so we talked about “reading the pictures”) and  decided that reading the pictures was essential in the understanding of this story.  I started by showing David trying to get a cookie, and said” I think he fell”. I used my own connections and what I could see in the picture to help me understand. A student said he tried standing on books ”like on the cover” and he also fell. Children then chose  their favourite image,  and illustrated what the thought happened next. Some children wrote a few words, a few wrote a couple of sentences to accompany their drawing. The drawing was our assessment. In some cases we had to ask the students to explain what the picture is about and we took quick notes. Children then shared their photos. Introduction  Day One  Day Two  Day Three   Day Five  Day Six