Determining ImportanceOn the last day, everyone was reading along as we read the book together for the final time. I asked the children the key question on the anchor chart. This resulted in a very long conversation because the children were more focused on small details. (This will require practice!)The conversation took quite a bit of guidance. Eventually everyone agreed with one child’s opinion-

We talked about how when we write, we use specific language and changed “bees” to “are”. We again kept a checklist for assessment to see if students had understood the main idea. Almost every child had shared a detail so we knew this would require more work on main idea!!

After we finished we took a look at all of the anchor charts. I asked the children to think about which one helped them understand the best. We have talked a lot about “Thinking about our thinking…”

Obviously you can’t put this much work into every book you read, but regular modelling, while you read aloud to your class will help. “I’m visualizing…Is anyone making a connection? What did the author want us to know…”

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