Combining Comprehension Strategies with One Book

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading about teaching comprehension strategies. Because of my learning I have really moved away from the idea of teaching comprehension in silos. The major point of teaching strategies is to enable our children to know which strategy they need to help them understand. Using them in conjunction with each other or in isolation as needed. Teaching children to be metacognitive does not mean teaching them to be listing strategies, but rather knowing how and when to use them. I have been wondering how different my teaching would look if I changed it up. I believe I still have to explicitly teach each strategy through the Think Aloud process. However I do think the process needs to be sped up so that the children have as many of the strategies as possible at their fingertips quickly.

I chose to do an integrated lesson with a grade one class to try this out. All of the strategies had been introduced through think alouds. The following lessons took a little over a week.

We began by reading the book No, David!  By David Shannon. I told the children we would read the book many times, thinking about it in a different way each time we read it. We talked about how we really need to think about what we how we understand what we are reading and how different strategies help different people.

( I do use the word strategy in grade one.)

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