Making connectionsOn the second day, we re-read the book No, David! by David Shannon.  I write on the anchor chart – Think of a time you were in trouble. (Students do this alone-everyone’s  background knowledge is different and it is important for children to understand that there is no right or wrong, but it must be relevant to the story ) Then in eye-eye/knee-knee position share what happened with a friend. Be able to tell your friend how your connection helps you to understand the story. (eye-eye/knee-knee is a strategy I learned from Debbie Miller’s work-it takes a bit of practice for kids to get good at it.) You don’t get the chance to hear every child share everyday but with this way of sharing everybody gets to share and everybody gets to listen.

For the assessment, we again had a class checklist, where we listened to the pairs talking, and jotted notes about the kind of connections they were making. Relevant, Not Relevant, How did it help them understand the story.

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