It is so important that students are reading “Just Right ” books everyday. Not only do we, as teachers, have to provide our students with interesting books at their level, but we must teach them how to choose books that they can read. I find it so frustrating when students tell me what level they are , rather than being able to tell me what they are looking for ” I know most of  the words, I understand what it’s about…”is far more important. Children who perceive themselves as a “level” will not be able to choose books at home, at the library or at a bookstore.We must give them the confidence and skills to see themselves as readers not as a “level”.

In the classroom, storing a variety of “Just Right ” material is essential. The Two Sisters suggest magazine boxes. While some people really like them, I have not had a great deal of success with those. They always seem to fall over and all the books fall out. I prefer to see each child with a personal bag-cloth or the enormous durable, ziplock bags. I have also seen some great re-usable tubs from Target or the Dollar Store. Here are some photos  of Daily 5 storage for students that I have seen in classrooms I have visited recently. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, as long as they are easily accessible, easy to store and hold a variety of  just right texts.

photo 2photo 3

photo 1