ImageWhat Really Matters in Fluency is a powerful book which will help teachers at every grade level. He offers simple suggestions that teachers can try right away, to improve student reading fluency. Allington talks about the research behind fluency and how essential it is that students be provided with DAILY reading time.  Teachers will be inspired by this easy to read book and confident to teach fluency! I highly recommend it.

Yes- I admit it-I am a nerd. I was so very excited to read today that Richard Allington will be at the Saskatchewan Reading Conference in April. He is one of my constant “go to ” sources. Dick Allington has inspired me for the last several years. He writes in a way that makes sense to me-with ideas I can use tomorrow in a classroom. I know that his research is sound, student centered and that anything he has to say will be well-regarded by the Gurus of reading!!