After I have built the wizard anchor chart with them (part 1), I read them the names of different things and ask them to think about the taste/smell/sound/feel/ and look of the item I name- I try things I am sure they will know: Pizza, ice cream, then I make it harder with an idea like a puppy –that always brings laughter would you lick a puppy? Amazing how many kids have! We go into items that you wouldn’t use all your senses and I tell them they just have to think about all of the senses and decide which ones help them more.

To practice visualizing , I read them the following sentences about a lollipop (you can do anything, but I find starting with food easiest.)


Students will draw while I read.

This is a good assessment for the teacher to see if children are indeed visualizing (not every child can) and also good to have the children share with each other. It is so important to state that no two people visualize the same way, and that as long as it resembles what we were talking about, different is good. It is a great time for students to praise each other’s work and share their thinking. Here are some samples from a kindergarten class I was in.

child 9child 8 child 7 child 6

child 4 child 3 child 2 child 1

Book cover  Book Cover for the lollipop illustrations

part 1

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