(This is part one of three)

I love teaching comprehension strategies with little ones. They are so excited by stories and willing to try anything. When I first introduce visualizing I use a visualizing wizard on my anchor chart.I slowly turn over each of the senses as I talk about them.

wizard 2wizard 3wizard 4

I tell the children that visualizing is exciting and almost magical, because you ask your brain to think about what something sounds like, tastes like, feels like, smells like and finally looks like. This picture in your brain helps you understand what you are reading because you are connecting to things you already know.

wizard 5

After I have built the wizard with the children  , I read them the names of different things and ask them to think about the taste/smell/sound/feel/ and look of the item I name- I try things I am sure they will know :Pizza, ice cream, then I make it harder a puppy –that always brings laughter would you taste/lick a puppy? Amazing how many kids have! We go into items that you wouldn’t use all your senses for, and I tell them they just have to think about all of the senses and decide which ones help them more.

Recommended picture books for Visualizing from Library Thing

For more ideas on visualizing check out Adrienne Gear’s book Reading Power

Visualizing in Kindergarten part 2 part 3