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I had the opportunity to spend some time with a master teacher  in her grade 2/3 French Immersion split. Merci EK for sharing your knowledge, classroom and students.

As most of my readers are English speaking, I will post in English. The ideas I share will work in any language.

The teacher has been working with an elephant photo to do an French Language Arts inquiry on elephants . This inquiry incorporated essential components of teaching reading including word work , sentence work, paragraph writing as well as developing many questions in regards to social studies and science.

Elaine 3

The words were chosen by the students after much discussion and many read alouds by the teacher.

Here ,the students are working on word properties . Their teacher has paper bags full of word study activities which are stored on the bulletin board. The children are allowed to choose the word study activities.

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The students each created a non-fiction sentence which were typed up by the teacher. Each student has a set of sentences to practice fluency with,as well as to classify and use to put together their own paragraphs.

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Students classified sentences in preparation for creating paragraphs.

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The teacher modelled how first with a composing think-aloud and a class paragraph was created .

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Here are some of the students’ paragraphs.

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Students were also working on computers to write about their learning trhough the use of photo story .

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Many books are necessary to take on an inquiry process such as this. It takes time and planning to bring it all together but the resulting student learning and engagement is really exciting.