So I have been thinking about 5 Minute Friday writing for a while. I read about it in a few blogs, tried it out myself and I think it is worth giving a try from an educational stand point. I have also heard it called “Write to learn “or Free Writing I’d like to try 5 Minute Friday at a few grade levels and see what happens. Stay tuned!!

Hint from adaptive learnin: During Five Minute Friday, you are not supposed to stop to make any edits.  Free writing without stopping is the purpose.  Notice there are errors in my Five Minute Friday writing above.  These errors will not be edited because editing them would defeat the purpose of Five Minute Friday.  Part of the reason I’m featuring Five Minute Friday on adaptivelearnin is to teach students how to write without anxiety.  I want them to see the errors to show them that errors are okay to make during free writing.  I want this to be an educational experience for them.  Feel free to use this or my other FMF posts as examples in lessons if you wish.  Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday