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July 2013

I Have Taught The Comprehension Strategies-what do I do now???

ImageStenhouse Publishers ,2009

SO many teachers have asked me this question-“ok I have taught the Super 7-so what? Now what???”

Aimee Buckner spells it out so simply  in page after page of ideas -what you can do with a simple notebook and why it really matters.I just finished this book and have so many ideas to share with my teachers.

I have to admit this book sat on my shelf for several months-the cover is not appealing and did nothing to draw me in. I was skimming through it, as I was packing some boxes and thought it might be a good summer read. It was a great summer read,any teacher from 2-8 would find ideas to try out in their classroom.

It would make a great book for a staff to read together.

Thank you Aimee for pushing my thinking!


Reading With Chopsticks and Spork

2013-07-04 21.54.12
Spork 2010
Kyo Maclear

Isabelle Arsenault

“His mum is a spoon,
His dad is a fork
And he’s a bit of both,
He’s a spork! ”

An animated description of feeling left out and finding the perfect way to fit in. This book could lead to the discussion of: “How far would you go to fit in?”

2013-07-04 21.54.47

Chopsticks  2012
Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Scott Magoon
“Not exactly a sequel to Spoon, more like a change in place setting”
Humorous yet pointed tale of friends who were “joined at the hip” . They learned to venture off on their own without hurting ,only improving the friendship. Standing on their own yet sticking together.

This book could lead to the discussion of: “How far would you go for a friendship?”

Wild About Books


2013-07-04 21.54.58


Wild ABout Books   2004


By Judy Sierra


Pictures by Marc Brown


Primary – could easily be used with older students


An entertaining book to start the school year, (as a read aloud) to get kids thinking about what and why  they read.  The  pictures are bright and colourful ,children will recognize Marc Brown‘s art from the popular Arthur series.  The text is rhyming , mentioning many classics children would connect to, in a fun way.  I would follow-up my read aloud by co-constructing the class reading history (Aimee Buckner, Notebook Connections)  I would follow that up by brainstorming a list of “Our favourite Books” or even getting students to pose for a photograph with their favourite book and get a class reading wall and reading community established right away.


Elegant Elephants

It was exciting to watch the grade ones create these amazing paintings in their elephant inquiry. Thanks to VS and JC for all their hard work!!


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