the P.W.I.M we spend a lot of time reinforcing the why of every phase of the model. Children need to understand why they are doing what they are doing. It is important to share ideas about how the brain works. A simple way to do that with younger children, is by building this anchor chart with them. (I found the pictures on clip art if you are artistic draw them!) I start with just the title and as we work through talking about things our brain likes and needs-patterns, puzzles, and exercise …We sort objects, classify words,look at attributes of many things as we work through the chart. I attach the pictures and the words as we work through it. We talk a lot about dendrites and why we need to keep “growing” more and to get smarter. I need the students to make connections to what we are talking about. I make it as technical as I think my students can handle. As the year moves on we become more technical. I then refer to this anchor chart all year long.It also works well in all the other content areas! I keep the anchor chart up up all year, but I never make it at home ahead of time.