This simple anchor chart was built with children over a series of lessons. I started with just the photograph of the buffalo in the center. As the children read and discovered more about the buffalo we added links on the anchor chart. In the Saskatchewan grade one Treaty Essential Learnings , students learn about First Nation Peoples and the buffalo.

This anchor chart allows students to connect back to each lesson and remember what was discussed in class. Add one section a day as you read aloud and share in discussions. A further step would be to illustrate each section by drawing, gluing a photograph or asking students to draw their understanding on a sticky note and attach it to the chart.

This lesson also addresses areas of the grade one  Saskatchewan Curriculum such as

Outcome: RW1.1  Describe the influence of physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs and wants on personal well-being.    Indicator a) Review the difference between needs and wants.

Two books you can use to supplement your teaching and to build your anchor chart are :

1. Grandfather Buffalo by Jim Arnosky

Grandfather Buffalo is the oldest bull in the herd. Whenever the herd moves on, he is always a little behind.A new calf  learns quickly that there’s no better place to be than right by Grandfather Buffalo’s side.

2. Buffalo Dreams by Kim Doner  

The Bearpaw children learn of a white buffalo calf that is born on a ranch far from their home. The family leaves on a spontaneous pilgrimage in their camper to take gifts to the newborn.  A contemporary story  based on an oral story passed down in the Bearpaw family.