John Barrell gives many ways to teach Inquiry in the pre-K to 5 classrooms.The examples given are from classrooms in Canada and the United States. Barrell gives an overview to inquiry, as well as explaining how to start , how to plan for questions and involving parents.

Corwin Press 2008

I find Barell’s book to be very teacher friendly and written with a realistic understanding of what a busy world primary classrooms can be.

I liked the idea in chapter 5 Developing Units of Instruction he talks about the KWHLAQ as a way of planning Long Term Inquiry with younger students. I think I would take a long sheet of bulletin board paper, divide it into six sections,write each letter in a section and then have my students add to each section with their thoughts or questions and drawings as we worked through them. At the end of the process we would have a clear map of where we started and where we went.