Many teachers in our system are using the Daily Five structure to help them set up their classroom communities.

The foundational principles of the Daily Five structure are found in Chapter two of the Daily 5 book : trust, choice, community, sense of urgency, and stamina.

Without the community building, Daily Five is nothing more than center time. Building a strong community is essential so that the teacher is able to teach explicitly, work with mini groups, conference and assess for the rest of the year. Creating community starts on the first day of school .It is such an important task to create community in any classroom setting. It can make or break a class at the beginning of the year. Beginning of the school year activities, get to know you activities, sharing writing, and choosing great read alouds are all ways to build community in your classroom. When students are working together towards a common goal ( building reading or writing stamina for Daily Five) they are building community. The 2 Sisters suggest you take 20 minutes to build community in your classroom each day. The Daily Five encourages all students to take responsibility for their role in the classroom!

In their book The Daily Five, the authors state the following about community. “We spend a great deal of effort creating and maintaining a healthy classroom culture. Each new group of children will fashion their own unique community based on the schema they bring to the classroom and the experiences they have… A sense of community provides members with ownership to hold others accountable for behaviours of effort, learning, order and kindness. During the Daily Five, students may come one step closer to achieving goals they have set for themselves….the “how-tos” for building community are an integral part of each and every lesson

(Daily Five pg 21,22)


Great video link to chapter 2,with teacher comments below