I really Like the book Wee Can Write for teaching and introducing  the traits of writing .  I tried the following lesson  for the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Many of the lessons can be adapted to a variety of grades. Using picture books is a great way to introduce older students to the traits.

Give it a try

   Pge 24/25 Wee Can Write


Specified criterion:focused theme

Trait writing vocabulary-title

  • Chrysanthemum is the title of a story about a very special student. She loves her name!
  • I have written YOUR name on a piece of white paper with a black marker.Trace the letters of your name with a variety of colours to practice your best printing.
  • We will share our rainbow names in our “community” circle
  • You may take your name home to share with your family and tell them the story of Chrysanthemum, of course!

Trait :Organization

Specified criterion:focused theme

Trait writing vocabulary-organize,setting, events ,problems, solutions

  • I have drawn a very large flower with the empty petals on our chart paper
  • Today we are going to organize our thoughts about the story we just read,Chrysanthemum. We will include characters ,setting,important events,problems and solutions on our “flower map” of the story
  • Our class will “bloom” as we retell this story together !

Trait :Voice

Specified criterion: Take a risk

Trait writing vocabulary-audience

  • We learned in this story that Chrysanthemum loved her name
  • We will write a class book-The Nicest Names A name can tell a lot about you! Think what your name tells about you
  • Please draw a picture of yourself. Under your picture of yourself. Under your picture please complete these sentences and be ready to share with your audience in our circle
  • My name is_______________
  • My name makes me feel ___________________

Trait :Word Choice

Specified criterion: specific words

Trait writing vocabulary-words , descriptive

  • In the story Chrysanthemum , there are many words that refer to flowers and growing plants.As we reread the story listen for those words.
  • When you hear a “garden” word put your thumb up. I’ll call upon you when I see you are ready to share
  •  I am going to make a list of all the descriptive words we hear that refer to gardening, flowers or plants   ex: wilted-blossomed-pick...

Trait :Sentence Fluency

Specified criterion: sound of words

Trait writing vocabulary-syllables

  • Each of our names have syllables we can clap. Let’s clap each name in our class. Here is a rhyme to get us started

Heckedy Peggedy Bumble Bee   Can you clap your name with me?

  • Let’s practice together…
  • Repeat the rhyme with each child in the class in the community circle
  • Who in our class has the most claps? Only one clap? How many claps in the title?

Trait :Convention

Specified criterion: spelling

Trait writing vocabulary-plurals

  • Today we are going to talk about plurals. Plurals are more than one.We can make a plural by adding S , or es. Let’s see if we can add S , or es and then use these words in sentences: example- friend…..friends    kiss…..kisses
  • use the words in sentences
  • Think of a word. Can you make it plural by adding S , or es? I will record your word and the plural on the chart paper I have folded in half and labeled with S , or es at the top

A great sequel to this would be to read  The Name Jar

Cover of "Chrysanthemum"
Cover of Chrysanthemum

I will post it when I try it!!!