People frequently ask me about  my opinion on writing in kindergarten.” Is it really possible?” I say  If you believe in them-they will!!!

When I think of the two kindergarten classrooms in my school, I know it is true. Both teachers teach writing with excitement and treat it as a fun part of the day. The children view themselves as writers. The teachers use a combination of PWIM strategies, Daily 5 and incorporate  a writing continuum into their daily writing. I am so lucky to work with and learn from  such inspiring teachers. Thank you MF and KS 🙂

They also use this book which recommends all kinds of mentor texts for helping young children with writing Step-by-Step Writing Lessons for K-1 by Davidson,Wuest and Camp

The children are proud to show off their writing and talk about the progress they have made. They use their class writing continuum to see where they are and where they need to go next to improve. The continuum is posted where it is easily accessible to them. As the year progresses additional levels are added to the continuum.

Each child has an “accordion” of their year’s writing.  They are able to see and talk about their progress. It is shared with parents and the children have their own personal continuum. Their comments about their  own writing are scribed for them.


I think my belief in kindergarten writing comes down to this-it is up to the teacher