I love this series. This book is great for modeling Compare /Contrast Writing structures. The writing is simple, the text features are clear and the text structure becomes easy to understand. Once students are able to identify the structure in their reading, they will be better able to use it in their own writing and improve their comprehension skills as they read informative text..

Some signal words that indicate compare contrast writing are: 

  • but
  • different from
  • same as
  • similar to
  • as opposed to
  • instead of
  • although
  • however
  • compared with
  • as well as
  • both
  • while
  • such as
  • like

I am slowly building my own collection of books to use as mentor text for compare/contrast writing. It is fun to have the children go on a “Treasure Hunt” Looking for the signal words. They write them on sticky notes and after a set amount of time, come back to co-create an anchor chart of the signal words, and share what the author was comparing or contrasting.