From Reading to Math How Best Practices Can Make You A Better Math Teacher (k-5)

by Maggie Siena 2009

A MUST read book!!! Every teacher should be given a copy of this book.It would make a great book club study.


I really, really liked this book. It was written in a practical, teacher friendly way. The ideas from setting up a classroom to math assessment just seem so logical. The way the author relates good math teaching to good literacy teaching make sense and are do-able-tomorrow!I wish I had taken a math class from her in university.

She answers the following thoughts in her book summarizes it by saying;

  • There is no best way to teach math except to help individuals learn it.
  • Confidence is paramount-feeling frustrated and stupid makes student stop trying.
  • Professional development is important for teaching all students.
  • Everyone has the potential to understand math.

I hope to hear more from Maggie Siena -well done!!