So my question is-Kindergarten Writing -Can kids in kindergarten write? Should kids in kindergarten write?

For every yes response you will  probably encounter  a no – there is debate about this issue…

For me the answer is yes. Both of my children were writing and illustrating stories before they started school. Why wouldn’t I want them to? Why would I discourage that? I think our job as parents and educators is to let them soar as high as they can-not clip their wings by saying “you are too young for that…you aren’t ready for that.”

My daughter’s first real writing was when she was two. She scribbled all over the kitchen floor with markers-with a big grin on her face she said “Mummy! Read my story…” At three she wrote a eulogy for my mother’s funeral and asked me to read it. I had no idea what it said. She read it to me and then she read it to everyone else. I still remember every word.

My point is that she was ready to write, excited to write and was trying so hard to be a writer.

My son loved letters. He saw them in everything. He asked what the letter was and tried to spell as much as he could from street signs,the Christmas wish book, his name, books-he saw letters in shapes and the world around him.  I remember him screaming at me from his car seat ” S-T-O-P Mummy- that means you can’t go!!” (I had stopped-he just thought we could never move again…)

Research proves that kids who know their alphabet in kindergarten ,are consistently ahead of their peers who that didn’t  know the alphabet right though grade 12! If children are interested, and we encourage them, the sky is the limit for them. Why would we not throw open that thrilling door to literacy and let them soar.

I am so thankful that both my children had an amazing kindergarten who taught them with joy. The joy of reading, choosing books, writing about what they wanted and about science and social studies. She wasn’t worried about spelling or conventions just really loving literacy. She was enthusiastic and joyful about learning and literacy. What a great start. Thank you E.K.

Interested in some of  the research?

Catch Them Before They Fall-Joseph Torgesen

Matthew Effects in Reading-Stanovich and Siegel

Allington Richard

Ehri, L