The Construction Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallota

We studied how to make an alphabet book with the grade one class. We studied multiple ABC books to see how the authors wrote and illustrated their work. I modeled my observations with Jerry Pallota’s book. The kids were very excited by the pictures in this book.





This lesson explains what I did…

 I connected to their prior learning by saying:

“You have been studying the construction site photograph in PWIM. We have also spent time looking at alphabet books during reading time. I found this book about construction sites that I’d like to share with you. I am really excited to share it because it is an alphabet book as well!”

 I activated their  listening by saying:

 “Listen to what the author has to say about a construction site. Listen to how he connects words to letters and the funny sounds he writes about.”

I Read aloud the text  and shared the  illustrations.

 I talked about what appealed to me as a reader  in how the author(s) presented the information. I talked about several pages I had sticky marked

“I really liked the way the author used the first letter of the word to begin his writing.____ is for _____

  • I liked the great pictures he used to describe what he was writing about.
  • I liked the sounds he wrote to make the sounds the machines make
  • He used words to describe what he was talking about.”


   Student  activity. 

I have brought you some alphabet books to look at.  I’d like you to look at the books with your reading  partner and see if you notice anything the author does that helps you understand his message.

Reflections on student responses:

The kids loved this activity. They were so excited to look at all the alphabet books. They came up with a variety of observations from

“Each page has a big letter” to” the pictures go with the letters MMe GC!!! ” Each group was able to share what they had noticed and I was able to assess their viweing skills as well as some reading skills.

HINT:You Need a large collection of ABC books with a variety of topics and levels to allow the children to choose books they are interested in. The National FilmBoard even has an alphabet video to watch.

My next step will be to make a class alphabet book-perhaps on PIXIE??

1.     Concepts Addressed from Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Other:

  • Observe and describe motion.
  • Observe that objects can move at different speeds. .
  • Identify some ways that machines move things. 

2.     Concepts and Processes Represented/Modeled from Language Arts:

  • Alphabet Books
  • Connecting the letter to the first letter in a word
  • Making a connection to first words and text
  • Writing about a letter word
  • Onomatopoeia ( inventive spelling of what the sound is)