My book arrived from Andrell education last night. I have already started reading it. I am excited to give this a try!!!

 The ‘Big Writing’ / Power Writing approach, which has been proved to dramatically raise standards in pupils writing, is based on the premise that, “If a child can’t say it a child can’t write it.” In ‘Talk the Big Talk’, Ros. Wilson explores issues around talk, reasons why so many children are currently suffering from forms of language deprivation and strategies to raise standards in talk and thus further raise them in writing. She advises on the ‘Three T’s’, ‘Talking to Learn’, ‘Talking about Learning’ and ‘Learning to Talk’, based on the recommendation that all teachers at all phases of education are teachers and models of language. This publication explores ‘The Big Talk’ both as a strategy for children who are not yet writers, whether it is because they are not yet ready to write, they are in the early stages of learning English or they have a special need that makes the process of writing difficult, and as an ongoing planned strategy to develop and enhance pupils’ language skills.