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September 2011


I saw this on a chart in a classroom this week. The teacher wasn’t sure where it came from. This poem really touched me, partcularly because this teacher walks her talk. They read it and talked about it and that is their mission. An amazing classroom with an amazing teacher-year after year.

When you

Enter this classroom of

Limitless opportunities

Consider yourself

One of the very special

Members of the community who

Enjoy learning and working together


Big Writing Pyramid

      I found this photo on the internet-it shows what a Big Writing pyramid looks like when  it is put together. I am excited to give this a try. I am going to order a Roz Wilson book to read and see if I can find a conference to go to!! The rationale just makes sense.

To Understand

Ellin Oliver Keene inspires me as usual. I was so lucky to hear her speak at a conference this year and then meet her. Her humour and intelligence, teamed with her frankness and understanding of kids inspire me. I have had to do a lot of growing in my understanding of comprehension strategies. From understanding the importance of them, how to teach them, to teaching them in context with good literature to now-when what is important is modelling them constantly in every subject until students know when to use them and why without interrupting their reading. Making sure that readers are reading with metacognition.

Wow I’ve come a long way!! 🙂

Comprehending Math

So …

Not my favourite book . Don’t get me wrong-it is excellent and makes great points. I wish more people understood how to add comprehension into all subjects all the time. Arthur Hyde obviously knows what he is talking about and with a forward from Ellen Keene who am I to judge …

But I didn’t like it!!! It was not teacher friendly really dense. I think a classroom teacher,with limited professional reading time would just put it down in frustration. I just read it in bites. Challenged myself to read a half a chapter a day till I got through it.

Arthur- I challenge you to do a re-write with someone like Debbie Miller or Chris Tovani or Harvey/Daniels editing it first!!!

Best part-for the first time in my life I actually understand those stupid questions-“if I train is travelling this fast at this speed when will it meet this other train travelling at this speed…”

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