Comprehension Going Forward -(Heinemann 2011) talks about how far teachers have come in teaching comprehension in the last twenty years.The main point of the book however is for us to realize there is so much more and where do we go next. Comprehension isn’t just about learning a bunch of strategies-it’s about going deeper.Much deeper. Fourteen current researchers each have a chapter explaining their thinking.

When I look at where I was twenty years ago, I know I  have made huge progress. I used to think if a child could decode and read quickly, that was all they needed. Now I know that is only half of what reading is-the visible side. I didn’t realize at the time , how important the invisible side was. I thought if the child could de-code they could read…

If you are working on your understanding of comprehension strategies you have to read this book. There is even a study guide provided on-line for groups to use. If you teach older students, this book explains why you must be teaching comprehension in context and if you are teaching -English Language Learners two chapters apply to you! See everybody should read it!!

Love this book several of my favourite researchers come together to have a “conversation” More of the Denver magic!!!