All PWIM photographs should:


  • provide a common inquiry in which we learn about our world through our language
  • help us to study how our language works  in a meaningful context
When choosing a PWIM photograph, consider the following:
  • is it a springboard into curricular studies? (what outcomes can you address)
  • does it take the students to new places in our world? (We are creating global citizens)
  • does it contain both familiar words and new words? (useful word properties)
  • are there at least 25 – 30 words ? (more can be added on a side chart)
  • what relationships are shown? (movement, location..)
  • what are the major features and supporting details?
  • will it move us to more complex vocabulary? (through read alouds and talk alouds)
  • will it lead to wonder – Inquiry