No David by David Shannon

This is a work in progress-more soon

David gets himself into so much trouble. Everywhere he turns there is a new problem.

  • Inferring is more than predicting!!
  •  Remember the six steps of explicit instruction-see my earlier post if you need it. 
  • Introduce the strategy of inferring. Explain why it is important for good readers to infer and how inferring will help them understand what they read.
  • Look at the cover of the book. Ask students to use their schema to predict what is going to happen next. Usually they will say something along the lines of ” the fish bowl is going to fall on his head.” ask students how they know. The goal is to get them to explain their connections.I have had the following responses from grade one :” The table is tipping on its side-once my table at home did that and then it crashed to the floor…” “The water is going to splash everywhere like when I have a bath!” Encourage the conversation and explicitly tell them that using those connections helps them to infer what might happen next. It is beyond a prediction-they are not guessing they are using their schema to infer.