I think the first book to change my way of thinking about how I was teaching reading, was by Debbie Miller.Teaching Reading with Meaning. Debbie just made everything so clear and teacher friendly.She really understands kids, but she also understands how hard teaching is.She believes in making every moment count. She pushed my thinking, challenged me and I tried her ideas. Having had the opportunity to meet her and work with her was one of the highlights of my career. She is an amazing lady,gentle,strategic, super smart, funny and focused.

Debbie and me!

Another book I loved was Comprehension Connections by Tanny Mcgregor.I liked this book because it was teacher friendly. An easy,short read. She has photographs of her anchor charts and practical hands on introduction for each strategy. I have used her ideas in classrooms from k-8 and they work. From inferring in kindergarten to determining importance in grade 8 her ideas are solid.

Kylene Beers, When Kids Can't Read is an excellent book for the older students in grade 6-12. I love the way Kylene talks about learning from her mistakes. She writes to "george" a student she reflects on, and wishes she had known more when she taught him. What teacher doesn't have a child in the back of their mind that they wish they could have done more for.

7 Keys to Comprehension by Susan Zimmerman
This book has so much to offer for teaching young children. There is a section for parents, young children and early grades for each strategy. At the back of each chapter is a list of suggested books that can be used to reinforce the strategy. Very practical hints on teaching and the very important chapter of visible and invisible sides of reading is a must read for parents and teachers alike.

Strategies That Work is also a great book.

Harvey and Goudvis give some very powerful teacher friendly ideas and theory.